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FLOWERS was created by Ryan Blackwell and Nastassia Winge, founders and directors of Beyond Photography, for their newest exhibition ALCHEMY - THE ELIXIR OF IMAGE MAKING. 


Flowers” portrays an exploration of the merging realms of manual and digital production, opening up the discussion whether ‘Photography’ as we know it is, indeed, dead. The aim was to create a simple, yet elegant image that captivated the notion of Post-Production as an art form through dripping flowers. Using one of the most classic aesthetic images of photographic history - flowers-,  the artists use their work to make a comment on traditional notions of ‘beauty’ and to create something, which did not exist, or has ever been imagined, before. Viewing technology as a form of art, “Flowers” serves at the iconic imagery in the artists pursuit of developing a new medium; Image Creation.

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