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25.09.2019 @ Hyde Park Book Club Leeds

Tight Lines, famous for its events such as Chill Withers, Tight Lines’ Jam and the legendary Salèmango Festival, have joined forces with up and coming events collective, PowerHouse, to create something rather different. These 4 events which begin on September 25th at Hyde Park Book Club are bringing together visual artists from Leeds Arts University, Leeds College of Music, and University of Leeds along with artists from further afield to create a shared arts experience in Leeds. 

With artists from a variety of disciplines, whether performance, photography, mixed media, or electronic music, this event will be an immersive experience in the notorious Hyde Park Book Club. 

Creative Director, Emyr Penry-Dance says: “The world of Bologneology is as tasty and as tangy as it’s namesake. The nights serve a purpose of bringing together the various creative circles of Leeds and beyond, and combining them into one delicious hot-pot of artistic delights. The music is energising, the art is inspiring, and the recipe is simple: Mix the representatives of the various creative circles together into one big gloopy mixture. Spread over the walls and stage of Hyde Park Book Club. Add the hungry audience. Enjoy the visual and audial delights with a good old boogie.”

Beyond Photography is especally excited to share this project not only because we are also featuring in the exhibition, but because curator Julia Pomeroy featured in our first exhibition! As always, it is phenomenal for us to see the work produced by the artists we have collaborated with. This show is NOT to be missed. 

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