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Chemical Messiah (2019)

Printed on Forex (59cm x 59cm)

Joshua Dunlap, also known as Chemical Messiah, is an artist from Philadelphia, PA. His love for the strange began at a very young age; ‘I remember watching vintage pop & horror films with my grand mom & instantly being hooked to the guts & glamour.’ Growing up, one of Dunlap’s biggest artistic influences was Rene Magritte. As he got older, he noticed that his love for philosophy and literature was bleeding into his love for art. Some of Dunlap’s biggest influences today are Albert Camus (the Stranger, A Happy Death, the Plague, Exile & Kingdom, the Myth of Sisyphus), Franz Kafka (the Castle, the Trial) & Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot, Endgame, Short Stories & Prose).

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