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by Ryan Blackwell | 10.06.2019


In 2018, Beyond Photography founded Collage Week, the third week in July would be our celebration of the medium of Collage, looking at the variety of art made of repurposed materials, or simply put, showcasing the art of cutting and sticking. Our article on Collage Week (link) resulted in a showcase of over 70 artists work. From leading collage artists to smaller less known artists we covered the variety that the medium offers. 

This year we thought it would only be right to step up the game and turn collage week into a collaborative process. This year we are asking artists to create three collage pieces based off images supplied and created by the Beyond Photography team. 

Each artist will have the same three images, but other than this, there will be no rules. By each artist utilising the same elements we can show how broad the medium is, how the mind can wander into the far corners of the earth from the same starting point. 

  • The Logo - Artists will have to create a collage utilising the Beyond Photography logo. Many Collage Artists do not utilise words in their art, it is a visual language primarily so this will be the greatest challenge. We want to see how far our logo can be pushed, destroyed, complimented by our collage artists
  • The girl on the box - taken from our first exhibition in a collaboration with the beautiful Katelyn, our muse at the time, we felt it was only right to go back to where we started, we want the artist to take our image and rework it into something new, thus taking the digitally enhanced image into a whole new space
  • Sun Flowers - our current series is of dripping flowers, the series of images is a comment on the long history of art with one of the most iconic symbols of beauty being flowers, having been depicted in art since cavemen to now being a highly photographed study, the flower will now be re-appropriated into collage as our artists take our flowers under their knife

We have been working with artists from all over the world on this project. We are collectivising the collage, taking our art and passing it on to you, to create new work for yourself. We invite you to take part. If you do wish to take part, please email your work by the deadline to

To take part, you must follow the below rules:

  • You will produce 3 collage artworks, 1 image per collage
  • Collages can be any colour, shape, size, dimension and can be either analogue or digital
  • There is no strict theme, follow your instinct
  • You cannot post your work until Collage week

The deadline date for this will be JULY 14th and COLLAGE WEEK itself takes place on 22nd-28th JULY.

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