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by Ryan Blackwell | 28.05.2019

Damien Hirst has brought his iconic artwork on a monumental scale to the infamous Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Leeds/Wakefield. Many young artists today (ourselves included) have grown up following and being influenced by the work of this notable artist. Damien Hirst's reference to death is nothing more than calming, it is neither a glorification or a mark of fear, it is through the work of Hirst that we may come to terms with such a taboo subject. With the artist returning to the North of England for this short period of time, this exhibition is not one to miss out on. 

 OPEN DATES 13.04.2019 - 29.09.2019

For Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019, Damien Hirst will be presenting 7 large scale sculptures stretched across Leeds Art Museum, Leeds City Centre and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The infamous artist has received global acclaim for his memento-mori influenced body of work, from a great white shark in formaldehyde to a sawrofski encrusted human skull. The artist blends death with shock and beauty making him one of the most influential artist of the 21st century. 

Hirst now returns back to his roots in this Yorkshire based outdoor exhibit, The artist quotes "I’m so happy to have my work in and around Leeds. When I was growing up in the city, the Leeds Art Gallery was my way into art. I never thought I’d ever be famous or considered important or anything like that, but seeing paintings by people like John Hoyland, Francis Bacon, Peter Blake and Eduardo Paolozzi – alongside the aquarium and natural history stuff in the City Museum – opened my mind to art."

So what can you expect to see? At YSP, Hirst is presenting four sculptures in Bronze at the deer park, and his latest piece, The Virgin Mother, will be featured at the lake making for a striking and almost silencing landscape. For those interested in the past work of Hirst but may never have seen one of his pieces up close and personal, the iconic Black Sheep with Golden Horns, a cut in half sheep soaked in formaldehyde will be featured in the Majorie and Arnold Ziff Gallery at University of Leeds. 

"One of the aims of YSI is to engage a mass audience through sculpture and Damien's works will play a key role in achieving this." - Jane Bhoyroo (YSI Producer)

Hirst was born in Bristol but grew up in Leeds; attending Leeds Collage of Art before moving to Goldsmith's and hosting his first exhibition, Freeze in 1988. It was at this point that the artist became known in the art community and beyond. Now holding a Turner Prize and a solo retrospective at Tate Modern, it is fair to say Hirst is one of, if not the most visible and iconic artists of the present day. Do not miss this free to the public exhibition. 

Need more information? Visit the Yorkshire Sculpture park website HERE.

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