Beyond Photography is a non profit organisation. We gratefully accept donations to help support our community of inspiring and innovative artists in order to continue exciting a global art audience about this new medium!

If you would like to support our organisation please click the image on the right. All finance will go into exhibitions, online content, supporting the artists and promotions.


Beyond Photography's primary objective is the showcasing of progressive, forward-thinking Images. It is committed to delving deep into the construction of this new medium by developing a rich and diverse fair programme of non-commercial elements. Beyond Photography believes in development and growth, thus it seeks unknown fresh talent, who are both extremely visionary, yet also keen to expand their horizons and develop their work. Constantly on the lookout for new ways to support young and emerging talent in the world of contemporary Image Creation, Beyond Photography offers creative guidance, as well as financial help and support in getting a foot in the door in the international gallery and exhibiting industry. 

Moving beyond merely being a representational platform, Beyond Photography will introduce a dynamic and interactive element to its platform; Artist Meetups. Physical get-togethers, in which collaboration between artists, and their creativity, is stimulated and pushed forward. The Artist Meetups are wholly dedicated to the work of cutting edge, artist collectives and artist-run initiatives from all over the world and will be modelled to create a lively and inspiring social hub for exploring pioneering works of art as well as experimenting with new formats of art commerce. The Artist Meetups underline Beyond Photography’s engagement in stimulating collaboration between artists and the need for innovative and unconventional approaches to art commerce, in order to support more sustainable careers for artists and collectives.These elements are essential to the foundation of Beyond Photography, and nurture the possibility for discussion and debate about the future of 'Photography',


With your help, be it private, corporate or as an art patron, Beyond Photography will be able to continue the pursuit of its core mission: offering an international platform to emerging talent while ensuring that its non-commercial elements continue to thrive. As a non-profit organisation, Beyond Photography merely strives for the creation and promotion of art. In order to grow as an organisation, we need your help! As a supporter of Beyond Photography, you will play a key role in supporting and developing the career of unknown talent. Discover the art projects that will be presented at Beyond Photography before anyone else, engage in conversations with exhibiting artists and become part of the inspiring Beyond Photography community that explores and innovates the best of new Image Creation. 

If you would like to support us as a corporate investor or private sponsor, or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Co-Founder and Director


Co-Founder and Director

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