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To bring to light the developments in Image Creation through technological advancements in photography. And to grow an experimental art hub online and establish a place in the market as the home of experimental photography, whilst providing a channel for up-and-coming talent to showcase their work.


1. The World is Changing

Since the beginning of our artistic development, always held the belief that good art is about looking forward. Beyond Photography ushers the importance of recognising the vast advances of technology and take advantage of them in the creation of art in order to innovate and inspire. Making art is about looking forward and think progressively.

2. The Youth is the Future

Beyond Photography believes art’s importance is based on its quality, not on it’s price.  Beyond Photography wants art because it is good, not because it has a high price tag on it. Whilst successful and well established image makers are creating unbelievable work, the industry cannot ignore the work of young people, who are pioneering this new medium but not getting recognition for it. Beyond Photography aims to break the elitist character of art and wishes to bring art back to the masses, accessible to everyone.  

3. Communication is Key

Spreading your message is important. We believe art is changing, and not only do we want to be at the forefront of that change, but we want to navigate what it is changing, too. It is time the world of technology is recognised as an art form.

We believe that the world of image making, and photographic film, is not discussed widely enough and can neither be categorised as photography or film. The lines that separate these media have become increasingly blurred, but to us Beyond Photographers, it is clear: a new medium has emerged. One that looks to enhance photography through the addition of other technologies, such as painting, sculpture, 3D, rendering and Photoshop. Photographs that utilise other forms of technology can no longer be considered within the medium of photography, it is unique in its own right. We believe that, to develop this new Art Form to its full potential, a universal dialogue ought to be opened.

4. A Platform of Platforms

Beyond Photography was set up as a way of allowing artists, who work in this field to become a community, bundle their creative powers and offer them a platform to showcase their work and let their voices be heard. As artists, we have our own perspectives as Image Makers, but this does not necessarily match the the perspectives from the other artists featured on this platform.  Artists do not, and will not, co-opt their opinions to fit the work together. We celebrate the differences of artists working in this genre as you would, or even more so than, any other genre.

5. Forget the Dictatorship

Becoming a media platform itself, Beyond Photography does not have a large agenda of taking over the world. We do not affiliate ourselves with large media conglomerates and their persuasive propaganda. Beyond Photography is a unique and independent art collective and content hub produced by RightNow Studio aimed to educate those interested in progressive styles of art making.

6. Location, Location, Location

This platform was set up to open up the dialogue about this new medium and offer more constant visual images, news and information about the development of Image Creation. Originally promoting the importance of the offline, we recognise that being online is to be recognised as existing. Beyond Photography still strives to do as much offline as we do online, as we believe art is to be experience first hand. Besides this, we encourage you to get off your laptop and get out to support your local art as much as possible. We should stop relying on merely online, if we want to preserve the physical art space. Support your local artists!

7. We need money to survive but we don't need to cause problems along the way (no corporate greed)

We are a non-profit organisation with the sole purpose of creating and spreading the love for art, rather than the accumulation of wealth.

8. We are just one belief, have your own opinion (our perspective is clear, what is yours?)

9. Stop Procrastinating.

We set up this collective under our non profit company, RightNow Studio as a way to transform our abstract ideas and dreams into something concrete and real. If you have an idea or ambition, make it happen. Don’t just sit on your idea, or someone will beat you to the chase. If you have work that you think we will like, even if it is just a written idea, we would love to hear it. Send it here with the subject title ‘Submission’ and your name to

10. Dare to Fail.

Beyond Photography beliefs art is beautiful because it’s thought provoking and inspiring. Dare to step outside the parameters of ‘visual aesthetics’ and push the boundaries of what is believed to be ‘beautiful’. The creation of art has become more accessible -which we celebrate!-, dare to take risk in order to stand out. Be iconic. 

Read the Founders' letter HERE.

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