by Ryan Blackwell and Nastassia Winge 

A STILLNESS IN TIME is a projection piece aiming to push modern day perceptions of photography. Created by RYAN BLACKWELL & NASTASSIA WINGE, this work is a collection of fve minute photographs in which the model holds her pose for an extended period of time to produce a ‘moving photograph’. This work demonstrates the artists’ desire to move away from traditional photographic practice by utilising other technologies such as flm to create their photographs. By portraying a breathing, blinking, moving model (KATELYN LOUISA EDWARDS), the artists aim to show a photograph that is more alive. A STILLNESS IN TIME also pays homage to early photography through its use of black intricate clothing inspired by the Victorian era; by doing this, the artists suggest that photography is a traditional medium with set parameters, but with developing technologies we can push this work into new areas of art making that tell new and different stories. A STILLNESS IN TIME is a 2.38h piece, this is a sheer fraction of the full work exhibited at the Beyond Photography Exhibition.

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