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by Ryan Blackwell | 12.05.2019

Social media, specifically Instagram, has changed the way we make, showcase, and produce art. The opportunities for artists now feel unlimited but often lost in the sheer mass of art that is out there. When looking at Instagram as the primary place to showcase art, two questions come to mind. Firstly, how do you get your work noticed on the platform? Secondly, is there a way to make the platform in itself a piece of art?

The social age has turned the camera onto ourselves and we now live in a world where people are taking pictures of themselves more than ever. Looking at the medium of Photography in its entirety, the medium has moved towards a new trajectory. Selfie culture is in many ways a form of documentary and with direct messaging its now even a tool for conversation. 

Recognising the changing movement of Photography is Filip Custic. the artist is a photographer, stylist, and art director creating fashion imagery emblematic of the first Surrealists. Such pieces are instantly recognisable with campaigns for Palomo Spain, Carolina Herrera and Camper.

With a list of some of the greatest fashion brands under his belt, Custic is now adding coding to his belt by bringing the art to the selfie. Creating his own Instagram filters which use the iconography of the work he produces and adding these elements to Instagram's filter allows anyone to be apart of Filip Custic's creative vision. 

This is breaking considerable ground for photography as a medium. Not only are we able to use the selfie as more of an art form than ever, but Custic passes on his photography to his audience allowing them to recreate the work he has created in their own imaginitive ways. 

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