Florian Eymann is a French oil painter and visual artist. His surreal artworks utilise daring colours and abstract clashes of mixed-media all of which create a world that is equally seductive as it is haunting. Eymann's recent project with SHOWstudio is an example of the ways in which painting and collage can be translated into the language of fashion Image Making. The featured works are a complete dreamscape where we are lucky enough to learn so much about form, beauty, and of course, about life.

"Can you tell me a bit about your work, what are you trying to convey?"

I try to create new imaginary characters. Built by deforming characters through collage and paint, "new actors" are invented.

"Who and what are your influences?"

Of course, Francis Bacon has been a trigger for my career as an artist, but today I try to create my own work and my own way of deforming the people within my images. 

"What is your biggest achievement so far as an artist?"

I created a great work that is 200x300cm in size; it is a still life I produced for the Paul Roosen Contemporary Gallery in Hamburg for my solo exhibition. 

"That's fantastic. What would you say are the main themes of your work?"

I am constantly working on many series, which can range from contemporary characters, to naval battle, to landscape  but of course, portrait is my domain of predilection.

"Your pieces often reference collage and experimental image making, does photography play a role in your art?"

Yes enourmously; because I prepare my future work in advance through cutting and super-imposing faces to begin my paintings and therefore photography is the beginning my process to make my artwork.

"A lot of the work that is particularly inspiring to us is your portraits, what role does fashion photography play in your work?"

Yes! I was recently contacted by SHOWstudio to cover London Fashion Week. I accepted this challenge with great pleasure; it was a beautiful experience. 

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