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Kristina and Alex are a artist double act working under the name Their projects aptly reflect their artist name as they create abstract audio visual projects on a monumental scale. 

"Tell us a bit about you."

We are Kristina and Alex. We met at a digital arts gallery and went on to make an installation together. We have never separated since. 

"That is very similar to us, we met as a pair and creatively that has helped us reach new heights together. Your audio visual installations are very experiential; what do you hope people feel when they visit your exhibitions in person?"

We have no expectations but it's great when people experience various emotions which are hard to explain. Talking to viewers, we find that people find our work scary, weird, sublime and so on and we like the mixed outcome. Sometimes people will be dancing whilst others are thinking about death, some people feel reborn, and some people feel nothing. 

For us, we don't dwell on what people will feel, but the fact that people have these reactions just means that our work is having an affect on others. 

"To create this kind of art, you have to have an incredible knowledge of technology, maths and programming. How do you balance being creative whilst working in a mathematical mindset."

For us, there is beauty in mathematics. These two aspects are inseparable and form the foundations of everything we do as artists. 

"Whilst your work is all made digitally, there feels to be an overwhelming reference to the natural. what is your relationship with nature and does it impact the work you are creating?"

We are big fans of nature and it does play a huge role in the work we create. Nature is the most honest and beautiful thing we have. Listening through chattering, cars, electric saws, the buzzing of a lawnmower can be touch and at times we wish we could just turn all this noise off. 

The sound of whales in the ocean is a much better sound. 

"Music plays a part in what you both do as artists. Does the music inform the visuals or vice versa?"

This is a good question because we don't know the answer. We don't have a formula for creating and each path to making artwork is different. 

"Are your creations a utopian vision of the future?"

Probably, yes. 

"Thank you."

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