Elena Romenkova is a digital artist based in St Petersburg. Experimenting with the human form and glitch art through animation, Romenkova's work explores the relationship between man and machine. 

"Tell us about you."

I was born in the USSR in Leningrad. Before I became a digital artist, I graduated from the Faculty of Fine art and did a lot of classical drawings and paintings. But over time, I felt that I could not express my ideas only with the language of analog. One day I was doing colour correction of a digital photo and there was a failure in the file structure, the glitch happened and this brought me into new idea of beauty and so I began developing methods of distortion.

"What themes is your work portraying?"

I see my artworks as some kind of Post Surrealist compositions. Most images represent my thoughts and feelings. 

Experimenting with different 3d techniques, I create digital human bodies and then transform them with different 3D modelling methods - or modify it by data manipulation (glitching). Glitch brings unpredictable results shaping transformations to give the 3D sculptures new aesthetic and meaning. The 3D world opens up a new dimension, a parallel world that exists in its own laws.

"One of the most inspired techniques for me is data manipulating or glitching. The result is always so unpredictable for me, it's planned random."

"Your work has lots of nature in it, but this is all created digitally. Can you talk more about the role of nature and digital in your work?"

Nature is the main source of inspiration for me - it always gives me new ideas. There is this huge variety of shapes, lines, textures, lights, colors and I view these compositions as graphic elements. 

For sure, the new modern digital world with rapidly developed technologies inspires me as well, but its the duality of nature and digital that fascinates me. The processes in robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence, VR and augmented reality, bio-mechanical, cyborgs, are already intimately connected with our minds and bodies. The softwares I work with inspire me as well. It gives me an endless amount of possibilities to visualize my ideas. And one of the most inspired techniques for me is data manipulating or glitching. The result is always so unpredictable for me, it's planned random. The new shapes and colors are arising and the picture is created during the process.

"The characters in your work feel very intimate in the way they are posing. Is intimacy a big theme for you?"

I would say that human, in general, is my main theme of art. Here comes an endless field of topics like: emotions, relationships, consciousness, intimacy. I'm also interested in psychology and art helps me to express my unconscious feelings.

"What does digital technology mean for the future of art?"

The line between illusion and reality will disappear. Computer technology integrates more and more into humans life. I’m developing in the VR direction. That so a great opportunity for me to visualize my surrealistic worlds into virtual reality and make it interactive. Art and technology assimilate, virtual museums will come, interactive art in VR, and much other stuff happens these days. 

In the future, I wanna touch the surface of my sculptures in the VR world and feel it. The parallel universe of our consciousness should be available and what was the only imagination will become a reality.

"What are your influences?"

It’s difficult for me to define one main source of inspiration. I can be inspired by everything. Sometimes I get ideas for creating from real life situations, emotions or nightdreams. So I would say, life inspires me with all its positive and negative sides

"Thank you."

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