"Let's start simple. Could you tell us a bit about yourself as an artist?"

I never planned to become an artist or do anything even close to that, I even thought that it is a bit foolish since I didn't see a career path in art. But it all happened by itself, I started creating images out of boredom as a hobby and slowly transformed into a profession.

 "Could you tell us more about your work? How would you describe your personal style?"

I see myself as not having any style at all. What I mean by that is I always innovate and try to come up with something new. In one year, I can change 4 different styles, I get bored of old stuff quickly and also don't want to make my audience get bored.

"You seem to be a Photoshop-wizard. How and why did you get into making images like these?"

Originally I hated Photoshop because of its complexity but once I got more experience it became my favourite and only app that I use daily.

"If you had to pick, what is your favourite Photoshop technique or tool to use? "

My favourite technique is probably Smudging (Smudge Tool). It helps to make objects liquid and stretch them, gives the artwork painting look.

"Do you believe Photoshop to be an extension of Photography or as a separate medium in itself?"

I think Photoshop is a separate medium, probably as most people call it "Photomanipulation", not an image, neither graphic design nor a painting. It is a mix of everything.

"What is the future of Photography?"

I believe that photography will become more and more creative and even crazy, nowadays you can not impress people with usual boring images.

You can follow Farid on Instagram and make sure to visit his website for some amazing courses on the magic of photoshop.

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