"It's amazing to meet you Massan! Coul you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?"

My name is Gabriel Massan, I'm 23 years old and was born in Nova Iguaçu - Rio de Janeiro, where I started my research in art. My relationship with 3D started at the end of my specialization in video art. I decentralized the human figure of my production after a series of limitations and traumas resulting from structural racism.

"Has growing up in Brazil influenced you as an artist? "

When I started I found it difficult to insert myself in the art circuit in Brazil due to the lack of programs and institutions open to new media. I was embraced by design and fashion, where I developed several works for important global brands such as Motorola, Facebook, Redbull, Glamour, ELLE, Bombay Sapphire. Today I live in Berlin, where 3D art is increasingly expanding its influence in the market.

"Art meets technology more easily when there are incentives."

"You mention there was a lack of programmes, but you are art school educated, did you feel that there was space for you to explore your type of art within your institution, or were you also limited by a more traditional curriculum?"

No. The space given to the new media in Brazil is limiting. Surrounded by a classist and conservative order, it hinders the access and circulation of emerging artists. In my specific case, my art does not establish a direct discourse to my cutout, and being who I am, structurally it is not my place to create and discuss subjective images, even.

"What references are you looking to/what inspires you to create new works?"

I believe that my source is nature. I always discover an existence, with specific colours and shapes, and this fascinates me. I am also very influenced by manga and old animations. But I see myself surrounded by a movement of artists who talk to my creatures by form, colour and movement and feel myself part of this path, coming from different places and uncertainties, motivates me to continue searching and expressing my will to give life.

Would you agree or disagree with the statement "Technology is a form of art"? Why?

I can't say. I believe that technology is the tool. The tool is the way to a new possibility of creation, but not the possibility itself.

"You are now based in Berlin, could you tell us more about why you moved there and how the European artscape is different from the Brazilian artscape?"

When I was in Brazil, part of the 3D artists I knew were from Berlin. I noticed that there was a demand here and a fomentation of new media. I moved here in the hope of accessing art spaces that would meet the specificities of my work. I came to Europe at the invitation of Etopia in Zaragoza, Spain, and soon during this process I visited Berlin, and when I was free I passed through London and Paris. Art meets technology more easily when there are incentives. In Brazil, we are connected, more than here, but the ways in which the narratives are explored, start from the recognition while colonized, still present in the actions of the Brazilian upper class. Integrating myself into the emerging art of Berlin is also a challenge, being one of the few non-white people who discuss technology on the circuit.

"If you had to create a 3D world for yourself to live in, what would it look like?"

It would be a portal to several other worlds. It would be fluid and organic, where things happen because they want to and can happen.

"That is amazing, Massan. We hope we can travel to your worlds one day. Thank you ever so much for this deeply interesting interview!"

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