Jurriaan Hos is a 3D Motion Graphic Artist based in the Netherlands. From film to photography to animation,  Jurriaan creates poetic visual art that is the perfect blend of natural and digital. 

"Could you tell us a little about yourself and your journey as an artist?"

I have a bachelor in Interaction Design which is a mix of art, technology and management; the study taught me a lot but I did not see myself as a typical interaction designer. I wanted to work more visually and discovered 3d animation. From being pretty much self taught in this new form, I got an internship and later a job at a company where I made 3d character animations for TV commercials. Basing my animations from the real products in the advertisements taught me to look properly at what I was remaking digitally.

"Having such a strong eye for detail has clearly been very informative for your work. What about more recently?"

The last 7-8 years I am working freelance at my own studio. I want to give more direction to my work so I can do what I really love. Working freelance really gives me that opportunity, and I do a lot of projects just for fun in between. I am seeking alliances with artists I admire like my brother Merijn Hos and Hansje van Halem, bringing life to their world. Their way of looking at the world teaches me and inspires me to make my own work which is not completely focussed on one discipline. I work digital but also with analogue means like paint and more recently, film. 

"It's great to be able to explore themes across multiple mediums. Tell us more about your work with your brother."

Merijn and I have been working on a new Down The Rabbit Hole festival trailer which we do every year, and we thought why not film it. The client gives us a lot of freedom, so seeing the opportunity we jumped in. It was fun, it was hard, it took a lot of time, but it was also very rewarding seeing the results. Since then we have got a taste for film and create a lot more. I guess my journey is a pretty wide one, I'm not scared of jumping into new territories and taking the experience form one medium to the other. I think that is why I work well with other artists in different fields.

"Where do your concepts begin?"

Sometimes a concept takes time to develop, but usually an idea is pretty quick to develop in my mind. The initial idea I set aside and try to think of alternatives. Usually the alternatives are not better, but they do have components that I add to the first idea. On smaller projects I love that I can think up of an idea and then just start creating it. 

Spontaneous projects have so much positive energy and I think you can see that in the work. That's a bit harder to hold on to with longer films, having to plan everything.The workflow itself depends entirely on project. Usually sketching storyboards based on a script, creating a moodboard and styleframes. I don't look at what other people do on similar projects but rather look at the subjects themself and associate from there. It will give a more unique piece. Also reflecting on ideas with my brother helps a lot.

"Your work features many natural elements such as your flower piece for the Foam Talent Call. What is it that appeals to you with this type of imagery?

I have been using flowers for a couple projects, of course I love their beauty but also their complexity; they are so difficult to recreate. 3D generated images are becoming so lifelike at this time, and I guess that is why I am abandoning the 3D world where I came from. Why recreate something that is already perfectly imperfect. Why not just take a photo? 

As a motion designer, I am asking myself what can I do with these filmed flowers. Also I love that nowadays I get the question which 3d software I used. People just don't expect it to be film any more.  

"You define yourself as a Motion Graphic Artist. How would you define the use of Photography within your work? Is it important in the creation of your art?"

It is getting more and more important. I just started loving the medium. I am looking at photography, not with a schooled eye, but from my history as a motion designer. And I guess that's a bit different. I love the spontaneity of photography but I have a love hate relationship with the limitations of my subject because in 3D your subject can become anything. This being said limitations bring new creativity! 

I now always have a small set build up in my studio, so when I have an idea and the time I can just make something. I know I am naive and have a lot to learn in the photography genre but that naivety can also produce unexpected results. 

"What is the future of Photography?"

I am really not an expert. I hope photography remains and will be respected for what it is. I guess there always will be trends but personally I don't want to know them and want to stay out of it with my work. For my self I want to enjoy using film and photography every chance I get because experimenting freely is important for every artist.

"Thank you."

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