Klarens Malluta is an Albanian artist creating high impact work around digital culture. The artist creates one visceral piece of art everyday for Instagram  as a way to attach some sort of meaning to 21st century life.  

"Could you please start by telling us a bit about you and your work?"

My name is Klarens Malluta. I’m an Albanian Freelance Digital Artist. I have started a challenge of creating an artwork everyday, and now I’m on year 2, constantly changing my style and evolving.

"By creating every day, you have developed this huge body of work that consistently nods to the theme of virtual reality and you have almost created a world of your own within the work, how has this come about?"

Well, to be honest I don't really have specific reasons on why. When I start my daily artwork, I just try to go with the flow and create whatever comes in my mind at the moment. During the process I create a surreal and kind of meaningless world because that is like my way out of reality. And I like to keep it that way to make the process as spontanious as I can. Usually in my daily life I like to calculate things. I don't feel like a spontaneous person, so during the time I create an artwork there is the possibility to switch that and not feel anxious about the result.

"What makes a good image?"

It is difficult in every position to say what is good or bad because everyone has a different perspective. But in my opinion, a good image is about balance of the composition and colour combination. 

"Is glitch art/retouching/graphic design political?"

Of course everyone has the right to channel their art on different fields and some of them use it to express their political views. But in my case I think it is more about spiritualism and mental health. As I said before, I use it as a tool to express myself, just flowing the process of creating the artwork and not let my self get affected from political stuff.

"What does your artwork say about the times we are living in?"

I associate my artworks with one of the most common problems of our generation which is Mental Health. In my opinion, with all the pressure and the fast pace of our life, our brains find it difficult to deal with everything and from time to time we get some'system errors' causing anxiety and depression. 

In my designs I see Glitch Art as a way of expressing my 'system errors' and every unknown feeling I get from time to time. This gives me the freedom to create my distorted reality.

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