The mix of Wes Andersonesque colours, retro-style photography and stunning landscapes makes Laura Hendricks the epitome of  creative innovation. Her series 'SEE YOU THERE' is a modern take on traditional surrealism, extending the classic style beyond the canvas and the paint brush and the photographic medium beyond that of the camera. Her photo combinations are meant to remind people how they feel, rather than of what they see when witnessing spectacular, natural landscapes and scenes. We are amazed by the sheer beauty of her work and asked her some questions. 

"Could you please start by telling us about your interest in collage and how you came to create work in this style?"

I wanted to start using the photos I've taken over the years of skies, seascapes, etc. and incorporate them into my work. The images on their own felt a little bit generic to me, but as I started using them in a different context by collaging them with other scenes, all the sudden they were noticed and appreciated. 

"What themes does your work touch upon?"

My work touches on themes of gratitude, exploration in nature, simplistic lifestyle, creative confidence. 

"Are you a surrealist?"

I don't really know! Although my work is often surreal,  I hesitate to say I'm a surrealist because I don't purposefully consider the unconscious mind and the creativity that can be unlocked from it as I create my collages.

"Your work combines the natural with the man-made, what do you aim to communicate by doing this?"

With this specific collection, 'SEE YOU THERE', combining the natural with the man-made signs is a pretty literal concept. It's about what I would do If I had the assignment to create whatever signs and billboards that I wanted, knowing that potentially millions of people would see them. Rather than political messages, advertisements for things and products, religious messages, etc., I would just fill them all up with images of nature. It's happy, beautiful, and promotes simplicity and gratitude. 

"It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the current state of Photography. Do you take these images yourself? And do you use digital or analogue processes to put them together (photoshop or collage)?"

I do take all the images I use in my collage work, and I create both analogue collages and digital work. I will typically make a collage, and then create a digital version of it for the sake of doing limited prints. Sometimes visa versa, but more often the process starts with analogue. 

"Where do you draw your inspiration from?"

I draw my creative inspiration from consistent and recognisable branding, functional interior design, people who take creative risks, resourcefulness, and of course, nature. I definitely know what I have to do to get in the zone. I put on some hip hop and/or rap music, browse my favourite Tumblrs or Instagram accounts, or go on a road trip and bring my camera. 

"Absolutely stunning!"

Find more of Laura's work on her website and follow her on Instagram

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