Laurent Seljan's artwork deconstructs the image through his reconstruction of the human body. Using a variation of images, his Graphic Art reworks originals to create new realities and his uniqueness champions what we like to call Image Making. 

"Tell us about yourself"

My name is Laurent Seljan and I was born in Nantes (France) in 1973. I'm a Self-taught artist from a middle class family and from very early age, as far as I remember, I have been engaged with drawing, painting and collages. My parents always thought that I would become an artist.

"How has your journey as an artist been so far?"

I see my trajectory as an artist as slightly chaotic. I studied Fine Arts the “Ecole Superieur des Beaux Arts” in Nantes during the early 90's at a time when Graphic Art was not much in vogue as both Conceptual Art and installations were.

They didn't want to see graphic works and my style was badly received. I had a hard time then because I didn't have the opportunity to make good contacts in the Art world.

My work has always have been rather provocative so it not easy to find a place to show. But I don't give up... I just can't. To be an artist is not a job, it a state of mind, it for life as an incurable virus.

"I love your dedication; Could you provide some more details about your work, what are you trying to address and how did you get into making collages?"

The human nature is always in the center of my artistic preoccupations: its diversity, its vulnerability, its sexuality, questionings and doubts are my inspirations.

I do psychological portraits of our society. Pop culture is the basis of my work but the range of my visual language is much wider than just Pop. 

I started doing collage on my files covers when I was a school boy and I have never stopped...

"Who inspires you and what are your influences when making your pieces?"

Picasso´s Cubism or Jean-Michel Basquiat are a great inspiration to me but I don't really think about it when I'm making a piece. They are somehow lurking at the back of my mind. 

When I am working I “fight”with the composition: I try to be as spontaneous as possible, concentrating on the general aspect of the work. I use magazine photographs so Pop culture is always present. I destroy and then rebuild new identities by adding other pieces of paper.

I sometimes use celo-tape.

"Thank you Laurent. Finally, what do you think makes good artwork?"

I think good artwork should look powerful and effortless at the same time, balanced, somewhere where every piece fits perfectly like in a jigsaw.

Want to see more? Find more of Laurent's work on: or visit his Instagram 

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