An interview with Luis R aka Zombtendo

"Tell us a bit about you ."

Well, I'm born and raised in Texas and grew up being very curious, trying to learn as much as I could on my own, mainly visuals whether it be video or stills. I'm self taught in everything I do and studied various programs on my own to get to where I am. It all started with video editing doing Call of Duty montages which then moved to graphics and 3D. That's how I got my basics down and I've continued throughout and I'm still learning everyday. 

I've always had an underlying interest in analogue glitch art, I just never knew what it was called or how to start, but after finding BPMC's starter guide I started learning more about it and I still am to be honest.

"Tell us about the themes of your work."

Some of my work have subtle meanings, and some don't. I draw the themes of my work from loneliness and depression because it's a direct expression of what's going through my head. That was very obvious in my early work but over time I've become more silent, more subconscious because I've gotten scared to voice my thoughts. I hope the themes of my work translate to my viewers so people in similar situations see and understand that they're not the only one and that it's not wrong to feel a certain way. 

"Overtime many artists work becomes more nuanced and less overt, however the themes and truths remain. What starts your creative process?"

The thought and feeling of not doing anything is what I believe makes me create, but similarly those who support my craft motivates me to produce work. My friends are incredibly supportive of my work and I thank them a lot for that. 

"What impact does social media have on your work?"

A major impact. I believe it to be the same for everyone because my work wouldn't exist if it wasn't for social media, its what puts content in front of others to see!

"How does glitch art and the psychedelic/retro style of work you are creating speak to what's happening in the world today?"

I try to separate my work from current issues in the world, the most I've done is post about the current pandemic because it directly affects the way I work. 

"What is the future of art?"

I honestly wouldn't know, I'm still living in the past using all this vintage gear with the help of modern technology. 

I don't look outwards much at the art world and how it's evolving, but I hope we begin to see artists getting more respect and too many times I see the public not take into account the artists craft or value when it comes to working with them. 

"Thank you."

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