By printing the world of virtual art into the realm of painting, Shawn Huckins humorously and beautifully comments on past vs present society. The artist presents a new form of beauty, one that can only be created in a world with the history of traditional oil painting and the present day capabilities of technology. 

"To start off, tell us how you would describe your work in three words."

Old meets new.

"That's definitely visible throughout your body of work. Whilst your work lies primarily in painting, digital technology is strongly referenced; Beyond Photographers will be interested to hear more on this"

Although I may poke fun at the abundance of technology in my work, my art practice would be rather difficult without it. It's true too much technology is good for no one, meaning, it can drive us apart tatter than bring us closer together. For example, a couple who goes to dinner only to be on their phones the whole night. I feel a good conversation is threatened with the high-use of phones, social medias, and the like. But technology is wonderful in the sense that it makes certain tasks much easier and more streamlined. In the world of medical practice, technology has done wonders. 

I use computers to compose my initial concepts before the are drawn to canvas. I also use certain social media apps to promote my work and to search for digital language to use in my work. Technology is certainly a love/hate relationship at times.

"Practicing Image Makers would also be hugely interested in your use of Photoshop if at all. Also, why make such an implicit link to digital retouching software through the medium of fine art?"

I do use Photoshop frequently to compose my initial sketch for a painting. in regards to my text paintings, I will compose several different mock-ups in Photoshop. Once I'm satisfied with the composition, I will draw the image onto canvas. The computer is put away and the rest of the process is hands on paint and brush. For my latest series, The Erasures, I wanted to retain the old meets new consistency in my work, but my message has changed. As you are aware, when an image is altered or erased in Photoshop, the underlying checkered base is exposed. the series deals with fragility of legacy and it is my response to our current administration's ethics and policies surrounding a divided country. 

"How would you categorise yourself as an artist?"

Contemporary painter trying very hard to find my way, but pretending not to care.

"I love that, thank you."

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