Solimán López (Burgos, 1981 – Spain), develops his work and investigations applying and analysing technology from a conceptual and technical point of view, creating digital art, performances, interactive and multimedia pieces. His work proofs that technology is, indeed, art and so Solimán's work is the hyperreal embodiment of what we mean when we claim technology to be an art form in itself. We spoke with him about his work, and his investigations in the social changes caused by the technological revolution and the new language proposed by the digital debate itself.

"Tell us a bit about your work, why do you make the work that you make?"

I consider my self as a XXI Century citizen, a Century that is leaded by one obvious global change: Technology. For me, talking about new technology is like a responsibility, because it is the goal of our time. All that is around us is somehow touched by technology. Art is one of the most powerful tools to analyse and conceptually research our reality, so for me, technology is a good weapon to talk about important topics that are changing our way of life, body and even brain.

"Do you consider yourself an artist?" 

 Today, the meaning of 'artist' has changed. I think that I’m closer to Silicon Valley rather than MOMA. The structures of communication have changed and we can find contemporary art in places that are not strictly museums or contemporary traditional environments. Due to this, the terminology of 'artist' has changed too, we are not 'artists', we are multidisciplinary researchers trying to do new things with the available tools, we are communicators...

"What do you think the Digital Art you make says about today’s culture?" 

My art is not only talking about new culture, but my artistic practice is also involved in culture as a consequence. For me, the most important thing is the concept, the idea that remains in the background. Technology is only an implement, which is updated day by day, so we have to put the focus on the idea. Each time a new media artwork is shown, we create some kind of new version of the product. We update the software and the hardware, however the idea remains the same. This is a response of today’s culture, where nothing comes to stay but for being for a while. Digital is ephimeral, untangible as our way of life today. The metaphor of the cloud is more obvious than ever and I take advantage of that question.

"Who/what influences you?" 

I’m a person, who is looking for new stimulations at all times. I really think that is the basis of a creativity and is my way of life. That condition of my nervous system, allows me to get a lot of information that comes from a variety of places not only digital. So, I obviously get inspiration from the digital and new technological challenges, but also from day by day topics such as personal relations.

But mostly, my work is related with the concept of change provoked by the digital cultural.

Want to know more about Solimán's work? Check out www.solimanlopez.com, his Instagram, and Vimeo.

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