An interview with POMO

Žižek tells us words are never 'only words' and the same can be said about time. The complacency we take around time as a concept and as a way of constricting every aspect of our being, especially in today's world of rushing and constant lateness. The POMO creative agency are trying to 'work out' time, which they never have enough of. Cutting edge design meets high end art with THE POMO.

"What can you tell us about POMO?"

POMO is an art direction and creative studio in Milan. Our approach is based on wide research, which includes a variety of contexts, all leading to a strong visual output. Our team is young and energetic, we always try to put a fresh eye on every project, taking it as an everyday challenge and pushing ourselves forward like if it's a new adventure everyday. We like to be as innovative as possible, mixing up our vision on things with the one of the client and always striving to meet their needs. 

"Pomo thematically circles around the concept of time. Where does the desire to create art around the theme of time come from and what do pieces like PLACETIME and DACTYLONOMY CLOCK come from?"

We have a strong relationship with time. Because of our approach on design, in which time is always running out, we always try to fix it, but it's something unreachable and it's like we have always to fight with it. Clocks could be our way to fix time and destroy it in a way. We really like to explore different ways to show its flowing.

"We would like to see more public contributions in the art world to involve more the citizens."

"Tell us about your collaboration with Jan Erichsen. How did this collaboration start and what conversations did you have to create your pieces?"

The collaboration with Jan started a few months ago, during a brainstorm session to choose the new clock for our website. We wanted to start a collaboration with some artists, to see how they look at time via their art and we wanted to see something really strong, something which destroyed the idea of time. We couldn't call anyone but Jan when we talk about the destruction of things. It's very nice and stimulating to collaborate with him. He has this extremely strong vision through which he can strongly communicate different concepts.

"What is missing from the art world currently?"

It's hard to say, because we are not art critics. We are in love with the art world, or at least with a certain part of it. It's where we take inspiration to build our thoughts and ideas. We're based in Milan and are really involved in the fresh mood of the town. But the energy comes mainly from private institutions, if we could hope for a change we would like to see more public contributions in the art world to involve more the citizens.

"What was a collaboration that felt particularly innovative and why?"

The collaboration with Alcantara was particularly interesting and innovative, both in the creative process and in the final output. We designed a visual identity for their exhibition in Palazzo Reale here in Milan and we really enjoyed to experiment in a more formal context. In the end, we followed an approach, which really infiltrated deep into the core of the project and we designed something that connected with the other pieces of art presented in the exhibition.They are really open-minded and they accepted all our proposals , like presenting the booklet we designed as part of the exhibition and not a catalogue (as we love to be).

View the fantastic POMO website HERE.

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