Tyson Ibele is a Toronto based artist and animator with an ambition to change the animation world developing his suite "tyflow" for 3D Studio MAX all of which he uses to develop the videos we see here. 

Animation is a huge feat for art directors who want to explore the unknown, and the impossible, such as Tyson Ibele who creates the unimaginable.  Work by the artist sits very much creating work in the post-photography and post-film landscape. The man with the camera can only dream to capture what the animator creates at their desk. The Instagram phenomenon of re-creating the human figure with different objects and textures expresses clearly how we can produce new realities through laying our imagination on the computer. 

Tyson Ibele is known for his unusual and jarring use of texture and objects to reflect the human body. These extreme animations are a fearsome as they are indulging to look at. Each Image by the artist pays homage to studio photography but the subject is now some dark unimaginable creature. 

Discover more on Tyson Ibele on Instagram. 

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