An Interview with YONSON

YONSON is a Miami based visual designer. Moving from photography early 2018, 3d has opened the doors for boundless art making according to the artist. now working freelance, YONSON is working with huge clients creating surreal and unimaginable artworks.

"I am fascinated by your work, please tell us a bit about who you are and what you do."

My name is YONSON, I'm a visual designer based in Miami. I am a self taught artist, who recently started getting into the 3D world. I have always been into creating, starting with photography and photo manipulation. 

"The photographic nature definitely comes our in your work, why move into the world of 3D?"

I wanted to push my limits and that is why I started getting into 3D design. I started YONSON in the end of March 2018, with no knowledge whatsoever about 3D design or design in general. Curiosity and playing around with the tools I have is what led me to where I am today. 

"Curiosity always produces the strongest results, by exploring you find new valuable territories of themes to cover in your artwork. Removing faces in your work has become a strong theme, could you elaborate on this?"

I like to remove faces from my models because I want the model to portray a sense of unknown. I like that sci-fi, alien setting. 

"3d feels almost like photography's more advanced counterpart, would you agree?"

Rendering is so relevant in today's world because with technology advancing you are able to do much more. The possibilities are endless, there are many ways you can connect platforms and try different styles.

Rendering gives you the option of no limitations. Anything is possible in 3D design. This what I love most about it. I can create anything I want, whether it is a surreal landscape or deformed human model, the possibilities are endless. 

Discover more by YONSON on Instagram. 

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