We teamed up with long time Beyond Photography collaborator, Angela Allison who has reworked some of our flower images in her iconic Mordancage style as part of her latest collaboration series. Take a look at the series below and scroll down to read Allison’s tips on staying creative during the lockdown. 

"For me, the idea of collaboration is an important way of expanding the way I work. Recently, I have been focused on making abstract prints and adding ink and paint to the black and white images. Although there are infinite variations of how the print will turn out I felt that I needed a way to create a more unpredictable and varied outcome.  The collaboration project offered an opportunity to work on photographs that were entirely created and composed by other artists which made adding my process more challenging; I feel a responsibility to the images that have been shared with me, I see the process as a way to add to the image, not to take anything away.   

I feel lucky to have a creative way to work from home during this time, but I also think it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself to constantly produce work. 

For anyone wanting to start an art project there are many ways to make work at home; sun prints, collage, homemade pinhole cameras/lenses; the only piece of advice I can give is to keep experimenting until you find something you can’t put down. "

Find Angela on Instagram HERE.

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