By Ryan Blackwell and Aleksi Halttunen for Computer Vision Art Gallery 2021.

Ryan Blackwell

Ryan Blackwell is a London based Art Director and the Co-Founder of Beyond Photography. The creative's practice explores the intersection between traditional artistic mediums and digital technology order to investigate the future role of image making. Through his platform, Beyond Photography, Ryan has collaborated with leading image makers across the world and been featured in Wonderland Magazine, Next Museum and Saatchi. 


Aleksi Halttunen is a London-based creative developer and machine learning artist making interdisciplinary work combining algorithmic and generative art across a variety of mediums. His work explores a future in which artificial intelligence and algorithmic systems are used effortlessly as creative tools, challenging the notion of artistry and the role of the machine in the creative process. Projects he has worked on have been exhibited at Tate Modern and the Wellcome Collection.


The complex algorithmic processes that make up the digital sphere are often masked by comforting user interfaces and speech synthesis mimicking the human form. This representation that we identify as ‘the internet' can quickly fall into the uncanny valley when questioning what processes lurk beneath this pleasurable aesthetic which users engage with. 

 Psyche contextualises the fear of digital exposure through a hyperrealist personification of the internet if it were some kind of 80s horror monster. Using a generative video manipulation method, artificial subjects are projected onto synthetic plastics and step foot into the physical space. 

 In 21st century western society, it is near unavoidable not to adopt digital technology for the majority of social communication, information sourcing, and entertainment. Now the first generation of people who don’t know a world without internet have reached adulthood. As we become increasingly reliant on such a way of existing, the internet continues to become a comforting extension of collective, and individual, psyche in day-to-day life. The internet’s growing impact on society raises many fears. What if it stopped working, what if we give away too much information, are we being watched? Subconsciously we know the answers to these questions, but Psyche, confronts the viewer by bringing this tech monster into the physical world, the digital sphere falls into the uncanny valley by questioning our individual safety from this monster which knows more about us, than we do of it. 


Sound: Joseph Scalera

Cast: Ganesha Lock Hart 

Cast: Alina zum Hebel

Production: Beyond Photography

Computer Vision Art Gallery

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