BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY - The Leading Experimental Photography Platform


Beyond Photography is an exhibition, creative hub and online platform for publicising the work of unknown artists whose work push the medium photography, literally, Beyond Photography.

After an extremely successful first edition exhibition, Beyond Photography is now moving online, as well as grow its presence in the physical exhibiting market. From our own experience, we know just how difficult it is for young creatives to have their work exhibited and gain visibility. Beyond Photography offers these artists an opportunity to exhibit their work, widen their visibility and, consequently, inspire other young artists to return back to the physical art space. Beyond Photography breaks the common conceptions of what photography ‘is’ and pushes the medium beyond its current scope. Exclusively focussing on what’s new in the Image Creation world, Beyond Photography brings together the International coming-up, cutting-edge Image Creation community to discuss and debate the directions, in which the photographic medium is evolving. Beyond Photography provides novel and diverse approaches to engage with photography and, thus, offers creative industries refreshing, and most importantly, surprising and exciting work, whilst building a stronger creative community from the bottom up.

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