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Beyond Photography believes in development and growth, thus it’s constantly seeking unknown fresh talent, who are both extremely visionary, yet also keen to expand their horizons and develop their work. Constantly on the lookout for new ways to support young and emerging talent in the world of contemporary Image Creation, Beyond Photography offers creative guidance, as well as financial help and support in getting a foot in the door in the international gallery and exhibiting industry.

If you are interested in joining our the Beyond Photography Collective, please submit your work and join the movement!

Your pitch should:

  • Be between 250-500 words in length.
  • Introduce yourself as a visual artist.
  • Outline your creative idea for going Beyond Photography, and hint as to how you might achieve it.
  • Contain image references (optional).

Please submit this to us at and will be in touch within two weeks. We are excited to receive your ideas, to start a dialogue and explore together, what it is that makes this art form so compelling.

Beyond Photography aims to create a hub of young creatives and getting their work into the real world, both online and in the exhibition space. Beyond Photography wishes artists to submit a form of written or visual response to the brief, together, diving into a dialogue on what Beyond Photography actually means.


  • Submitting is free to enter.
  • By submitting to be apart of our art collective, or to be featured, you agree that Beyond Photography is permitted to use your work in its exhibition, press releases, and publishing platforms.
  • Work must be new and unpublished work.
  • By working with us, you agree to allow us etc contact you by email or phone by us. We will not share your personal data to third parties.
  • You must be the sole owner of your work. All credits must be attached to the work.
  • Submissions to join the collective use SUBMISSION - COLLECTIVE
  • Submissions to be featured use SUBMISSION - FEATURE
  • You may submit via DM but you must provide an email address to we can contact you for further information.
  • Applicants will have their brief confirmed or denied by the Beyond Photography Directors.
  • Entries cannot contain threatening, abusive or harassing content.
  • Entries may not infringe on copyrights and trademarks of other intellectual property.
  • Entries may not include watermarks.
  • You agree to allow Beyond Photography to make financial gain with this project.


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