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The Art of Being Queer is a celebration of queer artists from all mediums and backgrounds from around the globe, with featured artists such as Demontier and Gabriel Darcin to name a few, the project aims to provide an identity experience through exhibition spaces in a fight for queer representation in the arts and in media. The uncensored exhibition taking place at the Middlesbrough Art Weekender at Pineapple Black Gallery from the 27th-29th of September 2019.

With Middlesbrough Pride being the same weekend, The Art of Being Queer is more than just a celebration of queer identity, but is looking to be a sensational pop up exhibition with artists from all over the world. This is not one to miss. We will see works of all mediums, from collage to painting to video, this exhibition will be an exploration of the arts through a queer lens. For more information, visit their website here.

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