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Beyond Photography supports technology as art. Today, with the help of post production processes, new art forms are emerging, challenging the parameters of traditional ‘photography’. Image Making is not about point and shoot, it is about using the language of photography to create something new, something reality does not convey. Image making is about creating new realities. So is Beyond Photography.

Beyond Photography explores a new and unrecognised territory in art making. In it’s advent, photography was widely considered as a single documentation in -and of- time. This notion of photography was initially challenged by creatives who began distorting these images in the dark room, creating images which were impossible to capture with a simple press of the shutter. It was in this shift that the photograph became less about the moment documented, and more about the capability of what could be shown through this moment. This type of ‘photography’ goes beyond photography’s pure form, into something, which we like to refer to as Image Creation.

Nearly two centuries old, photography has gone from being a scientific instrument, to a documentary tool, to a type of art form. In a general sense, photography is the documentation of what is in front of the camera. The photographer, in this sense, simply presses the shutter button and captures something scientific, beautiful or Real. Beyond Photography believes that the camera can be used to fall outside these categories. The language of photography, fashion and film is developing Beyond its own original intention. Media and instrumental crossovers are becoming creatively dominating, with photography crossing over to filmmaking in Fashion and photographers, equally, utilizing other technologies to enhance their practice, such as bringing their work into the 3D space, rendering, post-production and physical editing.

Beyond Photography believes that to consider this work to be photography, would be to limit the work, and to be a disservice to photography which has a more clear set of rules. In this digital era, an image is rather exemplary of a mood or feeling as expressed by Tim Walker: “I know the world that I am painting is not a reality. It is a whim, an entertainment to provoke something in people”. Revolutionaries in this field are Pierre Debusschere and Damien Blottiere, whose images both represent a reworking of classic photography into an expression; it is this expression that we believe a new medium is born. Beyond Photography aims to unpack the transition from traditional photography to this new visual medium. The collective shares the understanding that the image, or ways in which an image can be re-represented, is in abundance with meaning and can achieve something that photography cannot. The inside of the image makers thoughts and feelings can be manifested in new ways, which is something that fascinates us. Beyond Photography looks at everything that is more-than-a-photograph and this platform is set up to publish open-minded, experimental, and challenging work striving for Innovation, Exploration and Inspiration. 

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