Following Pride month in 2021, Gena Marvin redefined the meaning of pride through performance and costume. Walking from one end of Rustaveli Street in Moscow to the other bolding wearing the colours of the rainbow, the artist stood in solidarity with the queer community in Georgia. This peaceful protest and art piece was completed at the church of Christ the Saviour as a commentary that the church should be a place to unite the public, rather than to encourage fascism and discrimination. Gena states "We, like all people in the world, have the right to freedom of expression and the right to assembly."

"Acceptance and division. Future of queer art."


Gena Marvin is a performer and artist from Russia taking the internet by storm. Through provoking imagery, the artist's work explores memory, identity and beauty. Her work, is a true reflection of queer existence in that her images are unapologetic, brave, and utterly innovative. Through imagery that often tackles themes of horror, uncanny, and trauma, we find an uplifting message and a hopefulness for the future. 

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