Martine Kamara

"Queer Utopia is a future in which queer people do not have to look, act, or be a certain way in order to be seen as "valid" or "queer enough". We are already valid — we are already enough."


Tengbeh Kamara, also known as Martine Kamara, is a Dutch-Liberian photographer (1996) based in Rotterdam. Her work is known for the strong and honest portraits of powerful people. Tengbeh’s artistic practice balances between documentary, autobiographical and political fields. Being a black and queer photographer, Tengbeh often documents those experiences. However, her curiosity also draws her to explore more identities and social issues than just her own. Her work questions boundaries, both in the medium of photography as in society. While photographing, Tengbeh focuses on the concept of authenticity and honesty, rather than the idea of perfection. Tengbeh is part of a new generation of photographers characterised by their inclusive, daring and critical eyes. She makes visible what has systematically been ignored, resulting in beautiful, powerful and colourful photographs.

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