Supernature is a queer party, a DJ collective, a 4 member crew who tries to find new ways of connecting different worlds or disciplines with a main focus on music and nightlife. 

"Queer utopia is a place where you can love openly, a floor where you can dance freely and a space where you can express yourself fully."



In March 2020, after our artist in residence at the Savage Ranch, we started to collect our stories and separately tried to find ways to translate our experiences. Everything changed due to the pandemic we faced shortly after our return. The goals we set for our project were shelved until further notice. Everything changed completely within our world(s). The project shifted and took us, due to all these severe circumstances, in a new direction. The stories heard, the bodies we’ve met, the connections we’ve made and the paths we’ve crossed since the birth of Supernature inspired us. We found ways to share our growth individually and as a community. Unity, love and expression are the keywords. To frame this discovery we went back to our city streets, the place that has built us and our community. A place that now seems silent, but never really is if you dig deeper.


To showcase Supernature’s core we’ve produced our first ever EP consisting of 4 music tracks, working with a variety of (queer) artists and vocalists. By releasing this EP we wanted to capture our love for the early nightlife years, specifically the disco era from the late 70’s and early 80’s. A time where queer bodies found safety, likemindedness and a way to express themselves on the dancefloor. Supernature strives to resonate the beauty and voices from back then in today’s society by celebrating these values in our work.  By listening to our EP you can find a way to escape from today’s hardening society and honor and celebrate the essence of our queer existance.

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